Burial, which is also known as interment, is the ritual process of keeping a deceased, which can be an animal or a person, sometimes with stuffs, into the ground. It is done by digging a trench or pit in a burial ground, keeping the dead body and items in it, and then covering the trench or pit. Most people will agree with the fact that humans have been doing the burial process since the origin and evolution of the species. Burial process is commonly referred to as showing respect and condolence for the deceased. Burial process is used to avoid the decaying of deceased body, to provide closure to his family and protect them from seeing the decomposition of the deceased body. In many cultures, it is also seen as an important step for the dead person to go to the afterlife or to get back to the life cycle.

Types of BurialNatural Burial

If you are looking forward to a burial service, then you might be thinking which is correct for you and for your family members. Deciding which type of burial or burial place you want to memorialize you is a personal choice among your family members or loved ones and you. It is an essential method that helps to keep your memories alive for a long time. So, you have to select your funeral burial carefully.
We have designed this section to guide you with various types of burial like natural burial, green burial, woodland burial, and Jewish burial. This section will help you to know more about the different types of burial and help you to select the suitable burial plots to perform funeral burial. The different types of burial discussed in this section are:

Natural Burial

You might have heard about the natural burials recently (which are also called as green burials sometimes which is incorrect) as a substitute to the traditional burial. Many individuals are going for natural burial ground because it is eco-friendly and often terms as eco burial. A natural burial does not consider a casket, embalming fluid, or a burial vault. In its place, the deceased is kept into the natural burial ground directly, permitting the dead body to decompose in a natural way. The natural burial or eco burial creates a minimum impact on nature. In some cases, the dead body is kept in a simple burial shroud for a long time so that they do not hinder decomposition of the dead body in any terms. The natural burial sites also do not need heavy equipment or machinery to dig the natural burial ground. In its place, the natural burial sites are often dug with the help of hands.

Green Burial Vs Natural Burial

People often use the terms green burial and natural burial interchangeably. However, both are actually two other types of funeral burial. The primary different is the burial place. The green burial sites and natural burial sites are different. Natural burial or eco burial strictly denotes the burial process with no use of burial vault. Natural burial or eco burial refers to the preparation of the deceased, opening & closing of the natural burial sites, and laying of the deceased in the burial plots.Green burial also refers to the same process but it also refers to the cemetery or green burial sites where the burial has to occur. There are no artificial pesticides used in the green cemetery and the bodies buried in the green burial sites in a green cemetery does not contain burial vault. So, the major different between natural burial or eco burial and green burial is burial place. The natural burial sites and green burial sites are different from each other. The green burial occurs only in a specific cemetery and specific green burial sites.Burial Ground

Natural Burial Options

Regarding various products of burial like flowers, headstones, memorial benches, there is a small difference as compared to more options of traditional burial. The headstones which are used in natural burial ground are quite dissimilar if you compare them to a traditional burial headstone. The stones used in natural burial ground are normal with a simple bronze plague. Some of the elements like burial vault and embalming fluid are banned, but still there are a number of options that you will not get if you go for a traditional burial. For example, you are allowed to grow plants and flowers directly on the natural burial sites.

Natural Burial Costs

The natural burial costs are reasonable and the burial plots are available at affordable prices. If you are looking for a burial service or you want to know the burial plot cost, then you can contact us or submit your details here. We will get back to you in a while. Natural burial plot cost does not differ much as compared to traditional burial. While a machine dug gravy is less costly as compared to a hand dug grave, the absence of embalming and burial vault denotes that the cost even out. A natural burial or eco burial costs around $5000 for all products and services such as burial plots and more. However, the burial costs may vary greatly depending upon your country or state. You can get an estimated burial plot cost by contacting us or giving your details here. The cost of burial plot uk may differ from one state to another. So, if you are looking for the cost of burial plot uk, then you have to consult the cemetery of your locality. We can provide you a rough cost of burial plot uk. The burial plot cost may or may not be included in the burial service you are opting from a service provider. Just make it clear before whether the package includes the burial plot cost or not.

Woodland BurialWoodland Burial

Woodland burial is the perfect choice for those looking somewhere beautiful and natural to organize funeral burial and remember their beloved. Woodland burial is a nature friendly substitute to traditional burial which takes place in woodland burial ground or selected woodland burial sites.Available within the acres of country, among the peace and calmness of flowers and trees, a woodland burial ground offers a natural substitute to a traditional graveyard or burial place.At every woodland burial ground and woodland burial sites, we provide woodland burial plots. We have also the option to bury or scatter the ashes within the woodland burial ground. Woodland burials are not noticed with a headstone; they are recognized by a flower or tree and could not be distinguish from the woodland. There are many woodland burial grounds which contains a map to help those who want to visit the woodland burial sites of their beloved. However, some woodland burial grounds do not contain map to individual woodland burial sites, in that case, the people may contemplate all the woodland burial sites as a memorial to their loved one. If you want to visit the exact burial place of your love one, then you have to reconsider thinking about the woodland burial whether it is the perfect choice for you and your family or not. The cost of woodland burial plots in uk can be around a new hundred pounds to thousand pounds, depending where you are residing and which site you are selecting. The cost of burial plot uk may differ from one location to another in the uk. Some burial places also offer the option to bury the ashes. The average cost of burying cremated ashes varies according to the place and availability of grounds. So, we can say that the average cost of burying cremated ashes varies location wise.

Jewish BurialBurial Service

In Jewish burial, the body of the deceased is allowed to decompose in a natural way, therefore using of burial vault and embalming is not allowed. Jewish burial service takes place in a short time interval once death occurs. Showing the body of the deceased is not allowed in Jewish burial. According to Jews laws, customs and traditions, Jewish Burial usually occurs within a day. However, there is acceptance and allowance to delay Jewish burial for proper preparations to be made and for mourners to travel.If you are planning a Jewish burial, then you should contact us for the funeral burial service. We also offer the option of burying cremated ashes at an affordable price. The average cost of burying cremated ashes is reasonable but people should keep in mind that the average cost of burying cremated ashes may differ from one location to another. We also offer the best cost of burial plot uk for the individuals residing in uk. The cost of burying cremated ashes may or may not be included in the total burial costs. So, you should make it clear before taking a package whether the average cost of burying cremated ashes is included or not. For further queries, you can call the toll-free number provided on this website or you can provide your details and we will call you back.

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