It is that one occurrence or time that any person would want to avoid, however, there is no way anyone will have the means to avoid it – that is the time when your loved one is about to die or is dead. When death happens, there are so many things to do and to take care of. Even though this is an extremely emotional and stressful period, and thought you might be grieving, there are still very important things that you are expected to handle which you cannot postpone or avoid. You should find out means as to how to arrange a funeral checklist. If you are the one who has taken the responsibility of handling the funeral and organising a funeral checklist, then you can go through the following article. This will help in making this very difficult time a bit easy for you. Making the funeral arrangements checklist at the time of losing a dear one will make you feel exhausted and lost. To make sure that you don’t miss out on anything and to keep things easier for you to manage during this most difficult time, it is a good idea to have a funeral preparation checklist.

How to arrange a funeral checklist?

Here we will see what all things go into organising a funeral checklist. Your funeral planning checklist should contain:Funeral Planning Checklist

  • The “first calls” list that will contain the numbers of the people that you need to notify first such as local law enforcement, medical examiner, family members and so on.
  • Transportation arrangements of the deceased from home (or wherever the death took place) to the funeral home. Sometimes the funeral planning checklist can include details of a second transfer of the deceased like to another city.
  • Check if the deceased person has any pre-arranged funeral proposal. Some people do their own funeral preparation checklist that will give details of the type of funeral that they wish to have after their death.
  • Next comes one of the important parts of organising a funeral checklist which is meeting with the organizers. All details of how you want the funeral sacrament to be handled, whether the deceased person will be buried or cremated and the type of ceremony that you would like to have for the deceased person will be discussed in detail.
  • If you are planning to bury your loved one, then you have to make arrangements for the cemetery such as selecting and purchasing the property for the cemetery. The organizers will be able to help you with these arrangements.
  • The next item in the funeral arrangements checklist will be the list of items to purchase for the funeral such as casket, urn, grave marker and other funeral items.
  • Last but not least, the funeral planning checklist should also include the process to put the financial affairs of the loved one in order. These include things like getting the death certificate, filing an insurance claim and handling the change of name or transfer of ownership of all movable and immovable assets of the deceased.

Funeral ChecklistWhen you are looking into how to arrange a funeral checklist, you should also remember to include small things like choosing flowers, a nice outfit for the deceased, selecting a good photograph of the deceased for the service and eulogy and music for the funeral, etc. Your query of how to arrange a funeral checklist should include the type of service that you would like to have for your loved one whom you just lost. This has to be discussed with the organizers and is a vital part of the funeral preparation checklist. You can choose to have any one of the following types of service unless the deceased person has already mentioned a specific service that he/she would like to have in their pre-planned funeral arrangements checklist.

  • Funeral: A service that you have before burying or cremating the body.
  • Memorial service: A service that you have after burying or cremating the body.
  • Graveside service: This is the same as a funeral sacrament with the only difference that it is arranged on the gravesite.

There are also two options to consider when it comes to a burial. So, your funeral planning checklist should mention which one you would like to opt for.

  • Traditional interment: A typical interment that includes the wake, the funeral ritual, eulogy and then followed by interment.
  • Green interment: An interment ensures a very minimal effect on the environment.

When organising a funeral checklist, you should also consider whether you will be having an open or closed coffin funeral. In case of open casket funeral or if you are planning to have a viewing of the deceased person before the funeral, then the body needs to be embalmed to keep the body presentable and in proper condition. The funeral preparation checklist should also include time and means to arrange for removing and dispersing the personal items of the deceased who happened to die in an assisted living center, nursing home or hospice facility as there might be rules on how long those items can be left with those facilities. Another important aspect of funeral planning checklist is to plan for the expenses and also to keep account of all expenses of the funeral. You should get a written estimation with the breakdown of all of the costs for the complete funeral sacrament and this is must while organising a funeral checklist. You have the option to either go with an organizer or go for a do-it-yourself funeral. So, your funeral arrangements checklist should also have an indication of which one you are opting to go with. The funeral preparation checklist must include the catering options as to what you will be serving your guests. This covers all the basic things for how to arrange a funeral checklist. With a well-prepared funeral arrangements checklist, you will be able to arrange a loving and memorable service for the deceased person.Funeral Arrangements

How to plan your own funeral checklist?

You will get peace of mind and also help your family by planning for your own funeral. Though planning for your own funeral is way too emotional and very scary, it is always a good idea to have things in place to not only help your family and loved ones at the time of grief but it gives you the option to specify exactly how you want your funeral to be. To know how to plan your own funeral checklist, continue to go through this article. When you plan for your own funeral, you can choose the following things.Funeral Arrangements Checklist

  • Type of service – You can choose to have a funeral sacrament and then burial or if you want only a graveside service and so on.
  • Other funeral events – You can opt to have a viewing before your funeral or visitation before your funeral, etc.
  • Pick your choice of funeral home as well as a memorial site.
  • You can opt to have any religious element in your funeral.

Apart from these, how to plan your own funeral checklist can also include details of your choice of eulogists if you want someone to deliver a speech in your funeral. You can also add other things like the kind of music that you want to be played at your graveside, the poems or any other readings to be included and also pick the photograph and other sentimental items that you want to be displayed in your funeral. All these will help you with how to plan your own funeral checklist. It is not mandatory to include all of these in your preplanned funeral list. However, one of the most important things to consider is the budget for your funeral. You can even prepay for your funeral if you are sure about the things that you need in your funeral.

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