A hearse is a type of vehicle which is used to take the dead body whether in a casket or a coffin. A funeral car ranges from purposely unspecified cars to some fully decorated cars. Hearses are also known as funeral coaches in some countries funeral trade. There are many types of funeral cars available in the market and people have the option to choose the vehicle of their choice. In this article, we will discuss the funeral cars, their types and funeral car hire cost. Whenever you think of hiring a vehicle for a funeral the first thing that comes into your mind will be how much funeral cars cost or funeral hearse cost. It is a question that needs to be known by anyone who is going to hire a car for a funeral. The good thing is that while the general funeral prices have a hike after every year, the individuals do not have to worry about the funeral care hire cost as it will already be included in the package that you choose for the funeral. Depending on the package you select, a flat price might be charged for the complete service. It also consists of administration price and burial price also. Along with this, you will get the inclusions of transferring of the members of the family and the dead body to the funeral place or cemetery during funeral procession.Funeral Car

Types of Funeral Cars

It is not necessary that all the hearses would be same or the funeral hearse cost will be similar. There are various types available and the car hire cost is also different according to the choices made by the customers. A traditional funeral hearse will be in black colour, but if you want, you can go for something more private for the dead person. You have the option to select something which is devoted to them in a personal way or something that represents their favourite interest or hobbies. A funeral car is important at the time of funeral procession because it carries the deceased from their home to funeral place. In this section, we will discuss different types of funeral cars along with their cost.

Funeral Hearse

If a casket and a dead body are available at the funeral place, a funeral hearse will also be available to carry it in the funeral procession while reaching the graveyard. A funeral hearse, which is also known as a coach sometimes, is a vehicle which is used to carry the dead body in a funeral procession. Its structure is like a station wagon and it has two seats on the front side. One seat is for the driver and the other is for a passenger. Its back side has a large covered trunk which is used to keep the dead body. A funeral hearse cost will depend on the type of hearse you are selecting for funeral ceremony.

Traditional Hearse: You may also opt for a traditional hearse which will be black in colour along with large glass sides. It is specifically designed and developed to transport the body of the deceased. If you are thinking to hire a funeral hearse independently without the part of your current funeral package, then you should know about the funeral car hire cost. You might have to pay approx. 300 pounds extra as a funeral hearse cost. The funeral hearse cost may differ depending on the vehicle’s age and the agency whether it is local or prestigious. If you want a twist on the traditional, then you may also select a horse-drawn vehicle. Here, you might have to pay around double of the funeral car hire cost of a simple funeral hearse.

Funeral ProcessionMotorcycle Hearse: Some individuals also go with a motorcycle hearse; it will be the best choice if the deceased was a lover of bikes. In this type of funeral procession, you will get the body carried in a sidecar along with a group of bikers following from the backside paying honor to your loved one. The funeral hearse cost for this type of funeral procession will be different.

Novelty Cars: At last, you may also select a novelty car in place of a traditional funeral hearse. Novelty cars are booked if you want to carry the members of the family of the deceased and the dead body into the same vehicle. The funeral cars cost of novelty cars will be different as compared to the other funeral car hire cost of other vehicles. You can use brightly coloured funeral hearses if the funeral is a celebration of deceased life in place of a solemn affair. So, before selecting a funeral hearse of your choice, you should know all the details regarding funeral cars cost. Once you make sure that the funeral cars cost of the selected vehicle falls into your budget, then you can hire funeral hearse of your choice.


A sedan or limousine is another type of funeral car which is used to carry the dead body in a funeral procession. It can usually carry around 4 people to 7 people. A sedan or limousine is usually hired to carry the closest members of the family of the deceased. If you are looking to hire a limousine or sedan, then first check the funeral car hire cost and compare it with different service providers. Once you get the best funeral cars cost, then you can easily hire a limousine or sedan of a preferred choice or colour.

Lead Car

A lead car is a type of vehicle which is used to lead the funeral procession. If anyone wants this service, then they can easily ask their organizer to hire a lead car. The lead car is driven by the staff of the organizing team. He will lead the funeral procession of cars to the designated cemetery. To hire a lead car for the funeral, first, check and compare the funeral car hire cost of the lead cars. Once you get the complete list of funeral cars cost of various service providers, you can make your decision easily.


There is also an option to hire escorts for funeral procession. Police escorts and motorcycle escorts are present to be hired for a funeral procession. These are usually arranged by the organizers of the funeral. The cost of escorts may or may not be included in your package. You have to discuss the funeral hearse cost whether everything is included in it or not before picking your package.Funeral Hearse

Funeral Cars Cost

The funeral places normally have their own hearses and limousines that can be hired on rent, although you can also go to a third-party rental agency for these types of services. If you want to rent a funeral car, beware that long with the flat price for the sedan or limousine and funeral hearse, there is also a charge for each additional mileage over the define local area of the funeral place which could be around 20 to 70 miles. So, don’t forget to examine all the details of the funeral car hire cost. If you are looking for the best packages that also include funeral cars, then you can choose us as the service provider. We are one of the best service providers in the world who can offer you amazing packages which also includes funeral car hire cost. You just need to call the toll-free number provided on the top of this website to contact us. Or else, you can provide your details by filling the form given on our website. We will contact you back once you share your details with us. You may also compare the prices and packages offered by us with the other service providers, then only you can be sure that we are offering the best service at an amazing price. There are many service providers who showcase something else and offer something else. But we are one of our words; we are same from inside and from outside as well. You will get the same packages and offers that is shown on our website and in case of some query, we are available 24*7 for your support.

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