How much does a funeral cost UK?

Have you ever wonder how much does a funeral cost UK? Probably not, but it is actually a reality which everyone will face eventually. If you want help towards funeral costs, then this article describes all the information regarding how much is a funeral UK cost?

A funeral is a tradition where a deep instinct thankfulness to the dead one is given by family members. It is kind of ceremonies continuing the old way of telling goodbye to the deceased. This grief event marks the change in the social status of the family. There are numerous kinds of services in which many organizations claim to provide different services to organize the ceremony as per the requirement of the individual.Funeral Costs

A funeral is usually a major expense especially when you are living in the UK. The average funeral costs basically include interment and viewing, hearse, service fee, embalming, transfer of remains and many more. Other funeral prices such as catering, drinks, and other small services are not included. It is just a blueprint of what is the average cost of a funeral cremation or interment, but it is totally unpredictable as it differs from person to person. To get these services at affordable funeral packages, contact us. If you want to know more regarding how much is the average funeral cost, then you can ask our consultants.

What factors determine the average price of a funeral?

Funerals are considered as an expensive experience for several different reasons especially if you are living in UK. Obviously, the best way to tackle these expenses is to pre-plan your budget. If you do this, you will have a clear opportunity along with a clear mind to shop around.

Factors which are included in the average price of a funeral:

One of the complex tasks of planning a funeral is getting a clear idea of funeral prices because it depends on different factors. Let’s say if you are planning for direct cremation services, then you are likely to pay way less than traditional funeral services such as interment. By reading this article you will get to know how much does the average funeral cost UK. Here are some important tips which help with funeral costs UK:

  • The easiest and the best option is to plan it. The option of pre-payment for a funeral before death is available.
  • If you shop around, then you can purchase food and flowers at reduced rates.
  • Cremation is less expensive. You can choose cremation as there are no visitation or wake ceremony arrangements which means you can save money here.
  • If you are opting interment, then select casket significantly as it is also going to affect the overall funeral costs of arrangements.
  • Bring up questions and concerns with the funeral managers; it is imperative. The more information they have, the better the services they can give to your family.

Breakdown of funeral costs helps you in this scenario. You can easily manage your budget with these effective tricks. Now you probably have an idea of how much does the average funeral cost and how to manage it. But if you still not satisfied with the information available, then you can ask our consultants, they will give all the necessary information regarding how much is a funeral cost.

Get help towards funeral costs, contact us. We understand that not everyone can afford expensive funerals and this is the reason we offer affordable funeral packages for low cost funerals. We have years of experience and served many people so far.Help with Funeral Costs

Things which are included in funeral costs:

A resident of UK? How much does a funeral cost UK? Are these your questions? We provide you overall information regarding how much is a basic funeral cost UK. Let’s discuss basic funeral costs and which elements are involved in a funeral ceremony and we give a breakdown of funeral costs here for better understanding.

Casket and Coffin:

When you breakdown funeral costs, the first major expense is a crate or casket. The overall average price of a funeral depends on this thing. It is a single most expensive item in a whole funeral ceremony. These boxes are usually widely available in lots of styles and funeral costs and sold primarily for visual appeal. These are constructed of wood, fiberboard, plastic, fiberglass, and metal.


Embalming is a medical procedure to keep the dead body fresh for a long time. Some of the funeral homes require embalming just for visitation and viewing. It is not generally essential or legally required to cremate or buried the body shortly after death. You can exclude these funeral prices as it is not necessary.

Grave liners:

Grave liners are used in internment process. Grave liners are placed in the ground and then casket is lower down inside ground. The funeral boxes deteriorate over time that is why grave liners are used. A liner only covers the top of the funeral box and its side.

Preservation products and process:Average Funeral Cost

In ancient time, people used to do special body preservation using herbs and oils to preserve dead bodies. Yet, no product or process has been devised to devise it in the grave indefinitely.

What is the average cost of a funeral cremation?

Everyone wants the same type of funeral because every family is different. Funeral practices are done according to a different religion, traditions, culture, funeral prices, and personal preferences. The funeral costs cremation is comparatively less than interment. The cremation process takes place without the embalming process as there is no need to preserve a dead body.

Cremation costs include an urn cost, crematorium fee, and hearse fee. The direct funeral costs cremation are way less than other funeral services as there is no other ritual which needs to be performed. Surely you get an idea of what is the average cost of a funeral cremation. These are the usual scenarios, funeral prices may vary according to the quality of products and places.

A hearse:

It is also known as a Funeral coach. It is used to carry a dead body, usually from home to funeral place. It can be ranged from a formal heavily decorated vehicle to a deliberately anonymous vehicle.

Wake ceremony:

Wake ceremony is a social gathering where people from the family of a deceased are present just before the funeral. Traditionally, wake ceremony held where the body of a deceased present but if it cannot be performed in that place due to any reason, then it can also be performed at other places. Wake ceremony basically refers to late night prayers for the deceased in order to protect him from hellfire.

This is how much is the average funeral cost in the UK. The funeral prices may vary according to the quality of services and products which are used.

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Funeral Costs ukIslamic Funeral Costs:

Living in the UK? Want to know how much does the average funeral costs UK? If yes, then let us tell you how much is a funeral cost for Muslims living in UK? The breakdown of funeral costs of Muslim community described here:

Firstly, a deceased is prepared for interment, and it must be cleaned, washed (washing process is known as Ghusal) and shrouded (white sheets of cloth known as Kafan). The Islamic funeral costs basically relatively less but has some general expenses. Again, it totally depends upon the family of a deceased how much they want to spend?

Islamic funeral costs include the cost of white cloth which is called KAFAN, and some amount of money is also given to the person who washed the body and digs a hole to bury the dead body.

The funeral prices consist of white sheets of cloth (Kafan), the body is washed almost three times to ensure that it is thoroughly clean and then the dead body is covered in several layers of white sheets and further transported to the mosque for prayers. It is important to bury the deceased as soon as possible, and this the reason there is no viewing ceremony.

This section of the article gives you a brief regarding how much is a basic funeral costs for Muslims of UK. Let us help with funeral costs UK. We offer a wide range of Islamic services for a funeral at affordable Islamic funeral costs. We provide satisfactory services which match your expectations within reasonable Islamic funeral costs. So, to get these low cost funeral arrangement, contact us. Want in-depth detail of how much is a basic funeral cost, ask our consultants anytime.

Prepaid Funeral Costs:

No one wants to remember his death, but it is a harsh truth and eventually every living being going to taste it. To plan your funeral in advance is always a smart move for you and for your family as well. Prepaid funeral costs will save your family in those grieving time period when they already financially and emotionally suffering. Prepaid funeral costs mostly cover all the average price of a funeral, but this factor depends on the type of plan you buy.

When planning a funeral, the funeral prices add up quickly, while many are basic but other are that unnecessarily rack on as an emotional reaction. The prepaid funeral costs will help your family where they already grieving from an unpayable loss. Prepaid funeral costs usually include the fees of a hearse, wake ceremony, coffin, an urn (if cremation), interment plots, and headstones depend on the service providers you choose.

We offer all these services at affordable funeral packages. We know and understand that not everyone is capable of giving high-class funeral ceremony that is why we offer affordable funeral packages for low cost funerals. We offer the cheapest funeral costs so that everyone can give their loved ones a memorable goodbye tribute. If you are living in UK, then we will help with funeral costs UK and at least make those hard times lighter.

What happens if someone can’t handle these funeral costs?low cost funerals

If someone dies and family budget doesn’t allow for funeral ceremony, then what to do in that scenario? What are the things which help you in those scenarios?

Analyze the individual’s insurance policies:

Check whether a deceased has life insurance and how much costs are covered under that life insurance policy.

Consider for cheapest funeral costs:

Analyze basic funeral costs and talk to those organizations which can provide you services for funerals at cheapest funeral costs.

Review low-cost interment costs:

Cremation process is actually less-expensive than interment. If your region doesn’t permit for embalming, consider a green burial.

Consider getting a loan:

You can choose to take a personal loan. Avoid taking out cash in advance. Check for the average price of a funeral and then take a loan according to that. In UK, there are so many schemes which help with funeral costs UK.

Ask other members to chip in:

Consider asking other family members as well. Be candid and specific with relatives about how much is the average funeral costs; ask family members about how much they can contribute?

County counter office can help with funeral costs UK:

You can sign a release with county corner office which states that you can’t afford a funeral. They will arrange a private funeral ceremony for the deceased.Prepaid Funeral Costs

How to tackle these costs?

Probably got an idea of how much is a funeral UK cost. Let us help towards funeral costs and help you in studying the factors through which you can tackle these funeral costs.

Ask many:

Contact several funeral homes in your area and check how much is a funeral UK cost. Not down the range of prices for the services you are looking for. You will get a piece of general pricing information on your request.

Pricing of items:

Funeral items like liners can be bought from outside. Rather than purchasing them from funeral homes, purchase them from the3rd parties.


There are no states which require embalming in routine, but there are some rules and regulations related to preserving remains prior to the funeral ceremony. By choosing cremation or burial, embalming can be eliminated altogether.

When you breakdown of funeral costs, you can easily able to manage and check where are you spending more and extra, and you will get to know how much is a funeral costs.

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