Funeral services or ceremony held after someone’s death, usually including a person’s incineration or interment. Every religion has a meaningful and specific culture and tradition around death. From the protocols of dressing and cleaning the dead body to features of funeral services to memorial events.

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The structure that religion offers around dealing with this misery both guidance to the grieving and fulfills religious obligations. Let’s have a look at how funeral ceremonies take place in different religions:

Muslim funeral services:

The body is prepared for burial, and it must be cleaned, washed (Ghusal) and shrouded (Kafan).Same-sex family members give Ghusal to the body and then shroud the dead body. The body is washed 3 times to make sure it is thoroughly clean. After this,the dead body is placed upon the top of white sheets. Then the body is transported to the mosque for prayers. There is no viewing ceremony as when a Muslim dies it’s important to bury the body as soon as possible.

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Catholic funeral services:

In Catholic funeral ceremonies, the deceased is buried or cremated as soonas the arrangements are made. It is preferred that the deceased body is buried immediatelyafter the funeral ceremony and if the deceased is cremated, then it is done just after the funeral. The funeral mass includes the reading of prayers and scriptures for the soul of the deceased and his family. Those prayers are for begging for the mercy and hope of God and prayers for the saints which are in heaven for assisting the soul of the deceased.

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Jewish funeral services:

Jewish funeral services practices and rituals have traditionally followed a strong set of beliefs and customs based on the Torah. Although these beliefs remain necessary for conservative and orthodox culture. Many of the traditional customs have been changed under Reform Judaism.

Jewish funeral services usually occur in funeral home or synagogue the next day after death. Usually, there is no visitation ceremony included inJewish funeral services on the same day before the funeral. An open casket ceremony is also not a part of Jewish funeral services. Tape or Camera recorder are not allowed. The Jewish funeral services are performed by the rabbi and start with the cutting of a black ribbon which symbolizes the breaking of the deceased from his loved one.And after all the tradition performed lastly all the family members of the deceased usually place dirt on the coffin.

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Buddhist funeral services:

Buddhist community varies by ethnic, cultural origins and location. Some people follow to adhere close to strictly Buddhist funeral traditions, and some incorporate Christians beliefs.

Buddhist funeral services are simple and easy. The general protocol is a simple funeral ceremony which takes place at a Buddhist temple, funeral home, and family home. There will be a monk, an officiant, or minister if the family of the deceased chooses to blend traditions with Christian faith. There are no formal guidelines under Buddhist funeral services.

There may be a funeral, memorial, reception or wake ceremonies after the funeral. These are the only practices which are involved in Buddhist funeral services.

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Hindu funeral services:

Hindu funeral services don’t consist of intermentpractice. InHindu funeral services only incineration practice is involved. In India, the incineration ceremony takes place at a specific place but in big cities where there is no specific place for burning the body, the incinerationprocess occurs at funeral homes.

Hindu funerals services include so many rituals and customs,and most of them performed on the same day and the 13th day after someone dies.

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Memorial ServiceMemorial services:

People often get confused between funeral services and memorial services. The funeral services are held to memorialize a deceased in the presence of their dead body. The memorial services are held to memorize the deceased.

Difference of funeral services and memorial services:

  • When anintermentceremony occurs prior, it is considered as memorial services.
  • When a cremated ceremony held and human remains present it is also a memorial service.

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Funeral service programs:

Funeral service programs are small brochures contains a tribute to the dead one. A funeral service program is also referred to as a “Memorial folder” or “Order of Service.”A funeral service program is not necessarily required but totally dependson individual choice.

Funeral service programs include:

  1. The name of a deceased
  2. Date of birth
  3. Photo of the deceased

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