What is Humanist Funeral?

A humanist funeral is a non religious funeral ceremony, which is both a celebration of your loved one’s life and a respectable farewell. It pays honour to your valued person without religious connotations and be aware of the grief of death whilst also celebrating the heritage and life of your loved one. The humanist funeral endeavour for keeping the event as personal as possible, concentrating on your loved one who has passed away rather than anything else. A humanist celebrant can support to guide you with the help of the procedure of organizing a non religious funeral.

How can you personalise a humanist funeral service?Humanist Funeral

The humanist funeral (non-religious) ceremony is unique and built for marking the life of a specific person who has passed away and the wishes of those who are memorizing them. Though, having a clear structure to arrange the humanist funeral around is very supportive. The humanist funeral serves as a closure for family and friends. It supports to determine the relationship that occurred between the dead person and his/her loved ones. It allows the family to express their emotions with their painful feelings. The humanist funeral services can be arranged before cremation or burial. The humanist funeral services comprise:

  • A small introduction that states the deceased’s name and reasons for the services.
  • A reading that speaks the relationship and the nature of the death, which persons share with the earth.
  • Additional musical choices.
  • A second reading or meditation, that more directly talk about human sorrow. It clarifies the immortality of the feelings and experience, which were shared between the dead person and his/her loved ones.
  • Brief personal comment of honour spoken by friends or all family members.
  • The last reading may reflect upon human existence. In the last reading, the guests are encouraged for living a happy, good and ethical life.
  • A last musical preparation may be shadowed by an announcement about the burial.

Humanist Funeral CostAdvantages of the humanist funeral services

A humanist funeral permit for a more personal and customized service that does not follow the strict rules or customs of various religious funeral ceremonies. That’s why a humanist funeral service is the best for those people who would like the ceremony to be a memory and tribute of the dead person. It is also simple to plan for your own service before death, as the humanist funeral model permits for a better individually rather than any religious funeral or church. It can be very worrying for the family members and friends of the dead person to feel that the funeral is not an exact reflection of their loved one’s personality or nature or the way they lived. A humanist funeral permits the relatives and friends of all the faiths for coming together and celebrate your loved one’s life without excluding anyone on religious grounds.

How much does the humanist funeral cost?

When looking to compare the humanist funeral costs with the traditional religious rites and the practice, the dissimilarity is not integrally lower or higher. Mainly if the funeral services are to be arranged at the cremated chamber or crematorium that the most are these times, whether it is either religious or not. Though, because the humanist funeral rite is generally joint with a green burial, the prices do come down. That is why the simple reason is that the materials utilized for the coffin are not so costly, the people can also select the eco-friendly coffins crafted from bamboo but some may basically select a cloth to cover the deceased before it is committed. The awareness behind the natural funeral that many humanist select is that the decay of the nearby components is equal to that of the procedure of a deceased being returned to the soil without remnants. The burial sites tend to be unmarked, trusting that an individual prepared their mark in life and making sure the woodland or field remains natural. Several headstones are mapped by a global positioning system, other places allow trees to be planted. In UK, humanist funeral costs tend to be below average. There is not an extra rate for the interment in the congested cemetery, the components can price low and there are next to enhancement likened to that of the coffin. There may be no requirement for hall fire and a worshipper could organize a ceremony in the open air. Usually, the humanist funeral costs are affordable and the bulk offers faster interments related to the wait time for the committal elsewhere. If you want to hold the humanist funeral for your loved ones, you can contact us using our number displayed on this website. Our funeral providers are able to arrange a humanist funeral with the condolence. The humanist funeral cost charged by us is very affordable that suit your budget or requirements.Non religious Funeral

Non religious funeral service

The non religious funeral services may be selected when the dead person did not practice any particular kind of formal religion. It is also appropriate when the dead person had been a humanist or an atheist. Because there are no traditions and historical guidelines in place for this kind of funeral, the format is generally dictated by the dead person’s desires or by their friends and family. The non religious funeral servers to support the mourners to show their sadness and offer their condolence to the deceased’s family. In some cases, the funeral service may also be a life celebration, which the deceased lived. Always the person who leads a non religious funeral service is someone of the faith or a minister. Though, there are various options if you decide to have a humanist funeral service or non religious funeral service. You could explore for finding a non-clergy professional or a funeral celebrant who is dedicated to arranging and executing the highest quality of the funeral function without being tied to any belief or religion. If you want to arrange a non religious funeral service for that person who has passed away and who was very close to you, then we are here to provide you the best funeral directors. You can contact us by using our number shown on this webpage and our agent will organize the best non religious funeral service.

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